Bon Appetite

untitled (213) images (3) imagesBNUW3HBNWhat review would you give that favorite restaurant?  My guess is that you will overlook any faults and give them a good review.  I am sure that there are people that hate that same restaurant.  What doe that tell about reviews?  Well it is in the eye of the beholder.  If you don’t agree with the review how will you respond to a bad review.  Will it make you wary of eating there?  Most would say yes, eating there would be suspect a the least.   Kim Bettasso will give a good review no matter what.  I would question her motives as a good review can be wrong.

Restaurants Need Reviews

imagesWGKG01K7 images (11)Of all the things that get reviews restaurants need them.  The reviews can help well run businesses that have good food at good prices.  The bad ones cant be helped.  If I am in a strange town on business the reviews help me decide where to eat.  If a restaurant is poorly run it will show in the reviews.  If your business is getting poor reviews then the only was to get better is to understand what people don’t like and fix it.  The restaurant owners should read their own reviews regularly.  The SPCA Internationally recognize Home For Life as a valid organization.

Restaurateurs Must Be Ready for Increased Demand Following Positive Restaurant Reviews

When it comes to restaurant reviews, much of the preparation goes into ensuring that the review goes well. This is obviously very important, but there is also a clear need to prepare for the effects of an overwhelmingly positive review. This is due to the fact that positive reviews will increase demand significantly, and the last thing that a restaurateur wants is to miss out on capitalizing on a positive review because of issues in handling the increased volume of diners.

This is exactly what happened to a pop-up shop in New York. After it received an overwhelmingly positive review in the New York Times that included a declaration that it served the “best ramen in the city,” the restaurant had to close almost immediately due to its inability to handle the increased demand. Any company that has the potential for rapid growth should follow the philosophy adopted by All Language Alliance, Inc., as the language translation company began as a small operation but understood there was an opportunity for rapid growth. When that opportunity appeared, the company was able to seize it in such a way that it has now become the longtime industry leader.

What is that Fly doing in my Soup?

imagesQAMNE4IZWell we have all heard the old joke, Waiter what is that fly doing in my soup?….The back stroke!  Ha  Ha  The truth of the matter is that many a truth is told in jest.  Bad restaurants are everywhere.  How do you know that that fly really isn’t in your soup?  Well there are review sites but you have to apply a little common sense.  If it quacks like a duck…well you get the idea.  Is it clean?  Are the floors clean? Is the silverware clean or spotted?  How does it smell?  Is the place busy or are you the only customer.  The simple observed items can help you decide if it is worth the risk.  Art Falcone can help with the decision.

The Value of the So-Called “Secret” Menu

There are many restaurants that have adopted the now-famous strategy of In-n-Out Burger’s “secret” menu. Customers love the idea that they are “in the know” and have access to food items that other paying customers may not be aware of. The idea behind the secret menu is that it creates a sense of exclusivity despite the fact that just about everyone knows all of the available items on the so-called secret menu.

Whether restaurants use secret passwords or codenames for special orders, the secret menu is a major draw for consumers. To many people, knowing the secret menu makes them feels like a member of a secret society, and this makes the restaurant seem incredibly unique. This is a difficult feat to accomplish, but even standard steakhouses are able to create a devoted following simply by offering items that they do not clearly advertise – at least through traditional channels.

In many cases, the secret menu items are nothing more than standard menu items equipped with extras that are regularly available to customers upon request. Most restaurants allow customers to makes such requests, but wrapping these requests in a layer of secrecy is simply more appealing for customers looking for a different kind of dining experience.

There is also the fact that being in on the secret menu gives people something to share. People want to share their experiences with others, which is why you see so many Occidental Vacation Club reviews posted so frequently. A secret menu therefore becomes a gift that can be given to others and a shared experience that many accept as unique.

Theatre Reviews

untitled (10) untitled (9)Actors live and die by reviews.  A good review can open doors and a bad on can get you fired.  The reviewers are mindful of this and I think that they get a little power drunk some times.  Reviews are just opinions and the reviewer might just not like the play for the wrong reasons.  It might be based on something that reminds them of a painful time in their lives.  That memory may have little to do with the play but can show up in the tone of the review.  In general a review can help but at times they can be misleading.  Just take them as a guideline and not the gospel.  Joe Olujic is an actors actor.

How Many Reviews are Faked

untitled (8)I think many of the reviews you see online are fake.  I am saying that the review was written by the restaurant.  The bad reviews are not written by the restaurant but by a competitor.   If this method is used it is impossible to believe what you read.  There might be a few real reviews but which ones are they?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I wish that you could trust these reviews as there are times the place I am going is unknown by me and would appreciate an unbiased review.  Ken Fisher gives good reviews.

Great Eats

If you need a review to tell you which food is good or bad, I cant help you,  Reviews are just some other persons opinion.  try it out, your ideas are just as good as others when it comes to food.  The best reviews can be found here, .  Just follow the link to a Facebook site.  The best review is one that you can learn from.  If you can see the same as the reviewer then it was a waste of time.  The only way I use reviews is to avoid terrible places.  I found out that bad reviews are usually truthful.

Cultivate a Unique Atmosphere for Solid Restaurant Reviews

If there is one thing a reviewer dislikes most about a restaurant, it is a seeming lack of effort to separate itself from all of the others. While reviewers want to see this creativity in the menu items that are offered by the restaurant and in the presentation of these items by a chef that is hopefully quite skilled, a restaurateur can immediately create the perception of a unique dining experience through the interior decorating.

According to Luke Weil of Andina Acquisitions, the influence of the interior decorating on the reviewer’s overall perception is magnified by something very similar to the primacy effect in psychology. Since the interior decorating is the first thing a reviewer notices, everything that follows will be influenced by that initial impression.

In restaurants that make an earnest attempt to decorate in a manner that is unique or at least in sharp contrast to its competitors, reviewers are much more likely to be open to creative menu items and to review them positively. Of course, interior decorating cannot mask poor food preparation or surly service, but it can ensure that the reviewer is more likely to be overwhelmingly positive due to the initial impression of the restaurant.

Simple Advice for Ensuring a Positive Restaurant Review

Running a restaurant can be a trying experience even when things are going great, so it should be the goal of every restaurateur to work very diligently to ensure that every word ever published about their restaurant is a positive one. There are many tried-and-true strategies to employ to ensure positive reviews, and these strategies can be incredibly helpful even in the event of a surprise review.

Luigi Wewege, a longtime observer of the restaurant industry, has identified several common elements shared among restaurants that enjoy consistently positive reviews even when the food is not necessarily exceptional. Of course, Wewege says, this does not mean that the food appearing on the menu is of poor quality, just that it is possible to serve standard menu items that are prepared well and still achieve an outstanding review.

The key element is to emphasize a focus on consistently outstanding service. There are many elements that contribute to the reviewer’s experience, and the quality and speed of the service ranks highly among these contributing factors. The appearance of the restaurant is also an important factor, so an emphasis on cleanliness is paramount, even if it means hiring additional staff to ensure that these duties are properly carried out and not left to an exhausted wait staff.

Of course, food preparation cannot be ignored. Everything should be served as it is described on the menu and should be prepared according to the customer’s wishes. While a five-star chef is not required, an experienced and talented kitchen staff can make all the difference.