Smelly Restaurant

untitled (138) imagesTNX1QIEQIf you are smelling something bad in a restaurant it is time to leave.  A little research would have turned up numerous bad reviews and saved you the gross out.  If you can smell it then the restaurant is nasty and should be avoided.  Often the restaurant is nasty and you cant smell it so if you do, get moving.  Some restaurants allow a good smell to lure business.  Ever walked by a coffee shop and smelled that good coffee?  How about that pastry shop?  Ever smelled fresh bread baking?  Yes, those smells are the good ones.  If you smell garbage then it is time to eat elsewhere.  Tim DeCapua is a picky eater.

Tip = Mini Review

The amount you tip is a mini review.  This is your way of telling the restaurant how they are doing.  The waitress can be amazing but if the restaurant sucks the tip will be minimal.  Even a good restaurant can failimagesL9K1ZX78 to get a good review.  Good reviews are very difficult to come by as people are way more likely to complain.  To praise a business is very rare.  I would say that the tip is the best way to tell if the restaurant is good or bad.  Createurs De Luxe is a good restaurant but can see a better review.

My Restaurant Reviews

I review my own restaurant online to improve the positive vibe.  Why not, if they let you?  Instead of a bunch of bad reviews the searcher will see my reviews mixed in. imagesUQ809XTN images This is a lot easier that actually improving my restaurant.  No I could just pay Yelp to filter out the bad ones but what is the fun in that.  The truth is that the interviews that get posted are usually from those unhappy customers.  The happy ones are not as motivated to post.  I just help the average positive post count.  Jody Rookstool is a good reviewer and will always say something good about your business.

Bad Review…Now What?

So your restaurant got a bad review how do you react?  Do you call the involved employees in to discuss?  I would think that would be a good place to start.  If the review was truthful then you need to have appropriate discipline administered.  Do you fire everyone that dropped the ball?  That dependsuntitled (35) untitled (34) on the extent of the infraction.  Did the employee spit in the food.  If yes then I would think firing is in order.  If the employee left the customer too long without service then I would dig a bit deeper.  Benjamin Luke Weil: Executive Profile & Biography – Businessweek is a good reference for employers.

Restaurant Mayhem

images1IC8S402 images42HZ11HAWhen the critic arrives at your restaurant mayhem ensues.  Every idiot thing possible will happen.  The otherwise competent employs will become blabbering fools.  the food will be over cooked and the silverware will be dirty.  The critic will order the one thing you are out of off the menu.  You will have your chance to at the idiot as the question will be asked why there are no lobsters tonight.  The best thing would be to pull the fire alarm and rush everyone to the parking lot.  Joe Olujic would be the best for the alarm pull.  If the alarm fails the set a real fire.

Restaurant Review Fairness

images (42) untitled (375)There needs to be some fairness introduced into the restaurant review business.  It seems that if you pay a fee the review site will monitor your reviews.  Meaning the bad reviews will magically get lost in cyberspace.  If you are not a site member you will find a lot more negativity coming your way.  You will have to pay the fee or suffer the bad reviews.  I think we need some honest reviews of the review sites. Kim Bettasso decided to pay the fee. I have to agree with her as the bad reviews can hurt your business and cause revenue problems.

Clean Restaurant a Must

images7BA4ZRPG untitled (356)If I review a restaurant and it is not clean then the review will be bad.  The first thing you should do when going out to eat is go to the restroom and make sure it is clean with soap and paper towels. Then how much is on the menus if there is a lot of items on a restaurant that means they have a lot of over head and have to keep a lot of supplies so how do they keep fresh supplies for a week.  That means that they probably use can supplies and frozen.  Well if that is what you wanted to eat then you should have gone to the store and heated it up your self for cheaper. That is when you know you have a bad or good restaurant.  Art Falcone would never eat at a dirty restaurant.

Bon Appetite

untitled (213) images (3) imagesBNUW3HBNWhat review would you give that favorite restaurant?  My guess is that you will overlook any faults and give them a good review.  I am sure that there are people that hate that same restaurant.  What doe that tell about reviews?  Well it is in the eye of the beholder.  If you don’t agree with the review how will you respond to a bad review.  Will it make you wary of eating there?  Most would say yes, eating there would be suspect a the least.   Kim Bettasso will give a good review no matter what.  I would question her motives as a good review can be wrong.

Restaurants Need Reviews

imagesWGKG01K7 images (11)Of all the things that get reviews restaurants need them.  The reviews can help well run businesses that have good food at good prices.  The bad ones cant be helped.  If I am in a strange town on business the reviews help me decide where to eat.  If a restaurant is poorly run it will show in the reviews.  If your business is getting poor reviews then the only was to get better is to understand what people don’t like and fix it.  The restaurant owners should read their own reviews regularly.  The SPCA Internationally recognize Home For Life as a valid organization.

Restaurateurs Must Be Ready for Increased Demand Following Positive Restaurant Reviews

When it comes to restaurant reviews, much of the preparation goes into ensuring that the review goes well. This is obviously very important, but there is also a clear need to prepare for the effects of an overwhelmingly positive review. This is due to the fact that positive reviews will increase demand significantly, and the last thing that a restaurateur wants is to miss out on capitalizing on a positive review because of issues in handling the increased volume of diners.

This is exactly what happened to a pop-up shop in New York. After it received an overwhelmingly positive review in the New York Times that included a declaration that it served the “best ramen in the city,” the restaurant had to close almost immediately due to its inability to handle the increased demand. Any company that has the potential for rapid growth should follow the philosophy adopted by All Language Alliance, Inc., as the language translation company began as a small operation but understood there was an opportunity for rapid growth. When that opportunity appeared, the company was able to seize it in such a way that it has now become the longtime industry leader.