Simple Advice for Ensuring a Positive Restaurant Review

Running a restaurant can be a trying experience even when things are going great, so it should be the goal of every restaurateur to work very diligently to ensure that every word ever published about their restaurant is a positive one. There are many tried-and-true strategies to employ to ensure positive reviews, and these strategies can be incredibly helpful even in the event of a surprise review.

Luigi Wewege, a longtime observer of the restaurant industry, has identified several common elements shared among restaurants that enjoy consistently positive reviews even when the food is not necessarily exceptional. Of course, Wewege says, this does not mean that the food appearing on the menu is of poor quality, just that it is possible to serve standard menu items that are prepared well and still achieve an outstanding review.

The key element is to emphasize a focus on consistently outstanding service. There are many elements that contribute to the reviewer’s experience, and the quality and speed of the service ranks highly among these contributing factors. The appearance of the restaurant is also an important factor, so an emphasis on cleanliness is paramount, even if it means hiring additional staff to ensure that these duties are properly carried out and not left to an exhausted wait staff.

Of course, food preparation cannot be ignored. Everything should be served as it is described on the menu and should be prepared according to the customer’s wishes. While a five-star chef is not required, an experienced and talented kitchen staff can make all the difference.

Eat Safe

Most eating out is safe due largely to the health laws that are enforced.  Reviews are a good place to look prior to eating out. is a good place to learn about these reviews.  If you have no idea if a restaurant is safe to eat at I would do a little research before eating there. Can you say that you have never questioned how clean the establishment is that you eat at?  I suggest that you be careful.  Be safe when you eat out by only eating a reputable businesses.  When you get hungry tonight, be a smart eater and do your research

Surviving a Bad Review

Restaurant reviews are a bit like herding cats.  They are hard to deal with.  Just when you think they are managed another problem jumps up.  Saleh Stevens is the person to turn to if you need help with those reviews.  It is a challenge to keep a good public reputation when others control the reviews viewed by the public.  I cant imagine handing such an important aspect of my business over to someone else.  Yelp can be an example of reviews gone mad.  If you need the reviews to go away it may be advantageous to call the company directly and challenge the bad reviews.

The Importance of Restaurant Reviews Is Surprisingly Underestimated by Many Restaurateurs

It should seem plainly obvious to any restaurateur that there are few things more important than restaurant reviews that consistently praise the quality of the food and the service that the restaurant offers. Yet there are many owners of restaurants who are somehow unaware of the fact that the presence of a reviewer in the restaurant is often a make-or-break moment.

This is especially the case for new restaurants like the one recently opened by Adam Kutner. A restaurant that debuts to poor reviews is not going to do well initially, which is a fairly disastrous outcome. A poor initial review is notoriously difficult to overcome, and restaurateurs must be aware of the fact that a reviewer will shape the perception of the restaurant for quite some time.

There is nothing worse for a restaurant than a takedown by a respected critic. A bad experience at a restaurant that is being reviewed can lead the reviewer down a dark road that is filled with hyperbole, and no one is going to eat at a restaurant that serves food described as “edible Novocain.” Restaurateurs must take caution and pay attention to the importance of the review in order to survive in an industry that relies so heavily on the words and opinions of others.

Food Sellers Use Sneaky Tricks To Get Your Business

Some of the restaurants with the best reviews are the same ones that have sneaky tactics to make you want to eat more. For example, you might want a sub sandwich but after spending a few minuets in the menu you are scoping out all the deserts. The reason is because of the graphic designing that draws your eyes to these more expensive and calorie rich items to may make you more likely to consider them. Some of the graphic designing to look are for are fancy fonts, colors, boxes, and icons that capture your attention.

Whether you admit it or not, human beings have a craving for fatty, salty or sweet things. Normally foods with the words “fat free” can make you change your mind about trying them. Fat just taste good! Some foods might have extra ingredients that make you hungrier. It’s a sneaky and dirty trick! Autolyzed yeast extract is a chemical similar to MSG whose main purpose is to artificially enhance way food taste.

After eating, it’s fair to assume you might wanna book some time with the guru of health and fitness (Jeff Halevy) and work on that slowly growing stomach of yours. All is fair in love and war they say and business seems to have the same workings by allowing anything to go, even if it means restaurants tricking our minds to want more of their product!

Consolidating Credit Helps Entrepreneur Retire Early

Retirement – it seems so far away, doesn’t it? Probably so far away or out of your reach that you haven’t really thought much about it. What would you do if you could retire right now? What you do after retirement, if you choose to retire, isn’t the only important factor as is where you retire. Kyle McFowdin, a young entrepreneur from Canada, made the decision to retire on a yacht and has been absolutely loving life. “It’s like I have the whole world in my hands,” says McFowdin. “I don’t sit at home in one spot or drive around the same city. My home is this yacht and I have the option to go where to waves take me and see the world.”

Kyle doesn’t put his success in just his business which he sold for 200 billion, he gives credit to the fact that he consolidated his credit years ago when he started his business knowing that with a new business meant new bills and expenses and he needed all those debts and fees to be just one fee. Today, Kyle McFowdin is living large and at sea on his new yacht and couldn’t be happier. You could could retire sooner than you think by consolidating your credit at and you too could have the choice to see the world. 

Who is Tim DeCapua?

There are many leaders and the best in every field, but what about the best in a field you don’t hear much of such as real estate? When it comes to real estate, Tim DeCapua is that leader and the best at what he does. But who is Tim DeCapua? Most information about him can be found on Tim’s Linkedin profile. Tim DeCapua is a full-time real estate professional with excellent communication and negotiation skills. As an armed forces veteran,  he is detail oriented and highly respected in the marketing world. With 30 years in radio and television, he turned to real estate and it became his passion offering him new challenges and teaching him new things even today. Tim DeCapua has now been in real estate for 10 years and has served the major communities in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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Lifeguards arrived and a helicopter ambulance was referred to as, but the victim bled to death on the beach. PTC Review: Lifeguards did not know what type of shark attacked the man, but they speculated that it was a excellent white. They heard the victim screaming, went to his help and brought him to shore, he stated. The ocean temperatures off the coast are in the upper 50s, pretty common for this time of year, according to Jim Purpura, meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service office in Rancho Bernardo.

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